​Innovator's Best LLC 

We are a Cutting-edge roofing systems company made up of a staff that takes the customers wishes first and works
until it is 100% correct for the satisfied client.
Innovator's Best LLC has over 4 decades (combined) of residential and commercial roofing expertise for inspections as well as applications.

We are excited to release information we are not only BBB Accredited but, we are approved to be a part of the (NTRCA) North Texas Roofer's Contractor's Association. They are the "ONLY" organization in TX that governs roofing companies. If a roofer knocks on your door and is not part of the BBB or NTRCA, there usually is a reason why... Ask the question. 
Call today for a free roof inspection. "no" obligation required!!
We work with all insurance companies to help our clients maximize their claim and help insurance companies avoiding wasted man hours before filing a claim.. we will not compromise the quality of materials or workmanship for Innovator’s Best clients.

We still believe in listening to the needs of our clients and making sure we never over promise and under deliver. We are here for our customers through the entire warranty period and then some.

We service Dallas, Ft. Worth, (all of Collin and Grayson county area) These areas have been hit hard last year as well as 2017 by storms that included wind, hail and tornado damages.  Texas storm season is about to hit. Innovators best is committed to bring awareness to companies from out of town as well as people in other trades that all the sudden become roofers. Be sure and do your due-diligence so you know you have the right company on one of the largest investments most families will ever make in their lifetime. 

We will doing an awareness radio show on Thursday nights from 9:00-11:00 PM on this topic. Below is a link you are welcome to click on and it is towards the end of the interview and we hit on that subject. I was just at a home in Frisco yesterday where the roof looked old, and many components of the roofing system was never put on,... causing it not to pass a sellers inspection.


We offer a free upgrade from a 25-year to a 30-year shingles using only the best of materials at no extra costs to the customer. We will not allow a crew to work on your home unless we are confident in their work.

Our crews have re-roofed 100's of homes for us...


Innovator’s Best LLC specializes in all types of roofs. Whether you want laminate shingles, a metal roof, slate or any specialty type shingles, we have experts on hand (standing by) that are professionals applying your choice of materials.

Give Innovator’s Best LLC an opportunity. You will be very happy with the finished product. We do not collect funds until materials are on the ground and our crews are on the roof working. At that point we collect 50% and finalize upon completion.

​Innovator's Best LLC, ​finally Roofing Experts, that still put "Customer Service" first!!​