"See helpful tips below on hiring the right contractor"

Innovator's Best LLC wants to deliver quality repair work to restore the damages to your property.

We believe by charging a fair price for great work will bring you back down the road when needed and also bring referrals to us which is the greatest way to show a company appreciation.

We are extremely proud to anounce so for in 2017 98% of Innovator's Best LLC's Business has come by way of referral.

Many storm chasers come into the area and A) you take a chance on giving money to a crew you'll never see again or B) They do the work but the labor warranty leaves Texas when they do. They will not drive to Plano from KS to fix a labor issue.

Below are a few tips that might help you in selecting the right company for you.

We understand there are many choices when needing a contractor and we are flattered when we have the opportunity to work with you and your family.!

  • Look for local established roofing contractors that can provide a variety of references.
  • Make sure and call the references not just read letters.
  • Request a copy of the contractors insurance and bonding in the event something unforseen happens. We are all human. 
  • Insist on a detailed written scope of work they are offering. etc...covering plants, cleaning up all debris and hauling away, running huge magnets around the property several times to avoid flat tires or nails in your pets paws.
  • ​Make sure you understand the warranty from the shingle manufacture as well as the contractor's labor warranty. We give three years at Innovator's Best LLC. Some offer 5 year warranties knowing in the Texas market chances are slim they will ever have to honor that length of a warranty.

​Innovator's Best LLC, ​finally Roofing Experts, that still put "Customer Service" first!!​

We are excited to release information we are not only BBB Accredited but, we are approved to be a part of the (NTRCA) North Texas Roofer's Contractor's Association. They are the "ONLY" organization in TX that governs roofing companies. If a roofer knocks on your door and is not part of the BBB or NTRCA, there usually is a reason why... Ask the question. 

​ I wanted to take the time to bring awareness to homeowners in North Texas. Most homeowners have no information about the "North Texas Roofers Contractors Association" (NTRCA)

We are diligently trying to be part of that organization.

We have many companies
that only roof homes in large-scale storms as we have seen the past two years.

Also, we have a flood of “roofers” that come in from out of state to "help" homeowners.

Signs of a Failing Roof
Old roofs with cracked, curled, or blistering shingles can create leaks which will allow water to get into your attic. The majority of the time, a full roof replacement of a failing roof is the best investment you can make. Roof replacements should include removal of old shingles, a structural integrity inspection, a rubberized leak barrier, deck underlayment, drip edges, metal flashings and more.
First of all...If they are not from this area,
1. Your labor warranty is no good the minute they leave your home. Do ya really think they drive up from Kansas or Mississippi to see one family with issues from their rushed labor tactics? Please do your Due-diligence and beware of these companies. If they are not apart of the BBB or NTRCA there usually is a reason.

2. If you are told they can put your home back whole and you pay no deductible…
Big Red Flag

• All Insurance companies provide contractors with the exact same amount of money to help homeowners to repair damages.

3.Some will buy second run shingles that have no warranties unless they have been purchased from a
reputable materials supply company.
• If they collect or ask for funds for materials and labor before the materials are at your home,
beware. Many have left helpless homeowners never to return.

4. Some companies may tell you they have ordered your shingles! Reputable supply companies have
plenty of materials on hand.

  •  Also... If you have more than three trades... Roofing, Gutters, Fencing, windows and/or inside damage ask the roofer about the Overhead and Profit for managing the job so you do not have to seek out companies you are not familiar with. We send these companies hundreds of jobs per year therefore the pricing will be reduced for the contractor plus it would allow you more money to restore damages and possible help with the deductible. it is normally 10% overhead and 10% for profit. On a RCV job of $20,000.00 your'e looking at an extra $4000.00

5. My intentions are never to scare anyone by sharing these types of information, but simply bring awareness to customers in need that others may not. 

Unfortunately, we just have individuals in society that prey upon homeowners in need these days.

I have been in Plano for 35 years and my partner has decades of both residential and commercial roofing systems.
Give us an opportunity to work for you, not the insurance companies.

Although we have great
working relationships with all insurance companies in the homeowner’s space we are all human and making sure nothing is over-looked is our specialty.

​We hope to hear from you soon!!!