​Innovators Best LLC’s Story & Staff
We are Insured and bonded ($2-Million) to protect our customers for any mishaps that is always a possibility.
We are very careful and to date "Very Proud" to announce we have never had to use this protection, but we want our customers 100% comfortable that in the event of something out of the ordinary happens, you do not have to worry,... Innovators Best LLC has you covered.  
We are all-human and not exempt from accidents.
You are certainly in good hands with our professional staff.
We are General Contractors so this means we will take all the heavy lifting of trying to organize the work being done for you. We get better pricing to help with your out of pocket costs and will work for you. Not the insurance companies…
There are good companies out there with nice ratings but at the end of the day the company is only as good as the people that make up that company. A person who does what they say and follows through and last but certainly not least… person who puts their client as the #1 priority.
Without customers we have no business.
This is our goal with every customer who gives Innovator's Best LLC.
Please look at the testimonials. They were not appreciated by some in the industry, so I felt the only way to be the person I needed to be and wanted to be was to just grow my own business one roof at a time, so please look at the testimonial portfolio.
We understand there are many options out there when it comes to having your home re-roofed. I know from experience through the years everyone is just not what they say, so I sought out the very best partner possible, with decades of commercial and residential experience that I have known close to 20 years and teamed up with the best of the best. We certainly hope to hear from you soon.
 We are available 24/7. If you get our voicemail please leave the best call back number, name and brief message.
Todd Tinsley Co/Founder/Damage Inspector/Sales/Residential                                      
(972) 374-7080 Cell
Robert Seitz Co/Founder/Commercial/Production Supervisor/Commercial                    
(469) 506-4792 Cell

 If you want to fax paperwork, please provide name, claim # on cover letter. The more information the better.

(972) 767-5001 Fax

​Innovator's Best LLC, ​finally Roofing Experts, that still put "Customer Service" first!!​