More and more homeowners are looking for materials that are more durable but take the home to the next level. I have gone out and looked at work from other companies before and never seen this wow factor.

As you can see the photos and the difference is mind-blowing. Very seldom will I ever recommend other companies on my site but the pricing and quality of work Marcus and his staff offer is well worth at least getting a bid.. I also would like to offer as many updates as I possibly can from other reputable companies.

Contact me and I will share his contact information with interested clients only! .                  Mobile (972) 374-7080

The founder Marcus Pierce is a US Veteran and understands customer service is the number one priority and also has the discipline to do the job right the first time. 

Concrete anyway you want it.. Affordable and extremely durable.

None of these photos have grout. They are stained to have this look...Beautiful.

Contact Marcus Pierce


(214) 971-9856

for a consultation on bringing your home above others in this market.

MP Concrete Design is Locally Owned and Family operated!

The durability and look will separate your home from anyone else in this "hot" housing market we are in, which means increased value..