Recommendation for Todd Tinsley

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Todd Tinsley on a job well done! You have a diamond in Todd. If you are fortunate enough to hire him you will not regret it.

Todd has shown nothing short of professionalism and was very knowledgeable throughout this entire process.

I am very skeptical when it comes to hiring roofers or even painters for work on my home. I have to feel comfortable not just with price but the ability to do the work right and in a timely manner.

Of course the weather has played a huge part in Texas this year.

So many companies are roofers during storm season but return to their regular trade (tree trimmers, plumbers, even mechanics) by the end of the year and warranty work is like pulling teeth getting it done if you succeed at all.

Todd explained how the process would work every step of the way, made no promises he did not fulfill and it was a pure pleasure to work with him.

He has a great sense of humor when it presents its self but always straight to the point in a sincere manner.

You know where you stand with Todd like it or not.

I would rather have it that way. At least you know you are not just hearing want you want. Sometimes the truth is hard to accept but it is what it is!

We would recommend Todd 110% of the time in the highest regard when we hear of others needing a roof inspection or replacement.

I hope to keep Todd and Innovator's Best LLC as my contractor moving forward for many years to come...We also made a good friend with Todd and his staff.

Todd actually replaced 3 of 5 roofs on homes on our short block because of his honorable way of conducting himself and business...

David and Cindy Wong
1909 E Park Blvd
Plano Texas 75074

​Innovator's Best LLC, ​finally Roofing Experts, that still put "Customer Service" first!!​


To Whom It may concern :

Our story is probably much like so many others. We had extensive damage from the spring hail storms in 2016 and we got caught up In trying to find someone to fix the damage . 

We had been approached by so many fly by night companies. We were trying our best to find a company that would work with us the best In the roofing business by trade. Not the out of town companies or companies that pray on customers just during a heavy storm that are usually not roofing homes, but many of them told a good story but when It came time for action there was none that gave us the help we needed.. 

One company even had the audacity to teII us that we owed them 25% of the claim for just showing up and talking to us.

Needless to say we were discouraged and disheartened.. 

However God must had been shining down on us and we were fortunate enough that He sent us Todd Tlnsley..

Todd Is an angel in disguise. 

Todd was professional and courteous throughout the entire process and found leaks in the home none of the other contractors or even the adjusters found,

Todd's work ethics are Impeccable‎ and we could tell early on he was working for us "the customer".

We were very impressed and felt blessed he came to us.                   

Todd was honest and didn't have a canned sales pitch. He told us exactly how It was.

When he found damage our Insurance inspector didn't, we knew we had found our contractor of choice..

Todd was very detailed about what needed to be done and listened to our thoughts and helped guide us through this process. He gave us all the attention needed to make good decisions and made sure he had the best of the best repair the interior of our home.. 

We feel Todd went the extra mile, and then some, to insure that al the work was done to our satisfaction.

It is so refreshing In today"s world that his ethics and values favored the customer and not himself. 

We can not say enough wonderful things about Todd.

I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of a roof or any other project at their home.

A very satisfied customer..!!!! 

Rick and Ann Gregory

Plano Texas

Be the next  "HAPPY" Innovator's Best LLC customer. You will have no regrets!

Gene and Judy Hynes

9400 Rattle Run Dr

Plano, Texas 75025


Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation for Todd Tinsley

Mr TinsIey was referred to me in June 2016 as a contact to get my roof replaced. When I spoke with him by phone, I was already impressed with his communicational skills and his concern that my roof replacement was a positive experience. 

When I met Mr. Tinsley, he was respectful and I was impressed with his listening skills and professionalism. Other companies I have used in the past didn't really care about my needs and wants. Mr. Tinsley was different!

And as a result of Mr. Tinsley's integrity, (excellent customer service), and his commitment to excellence, I did have a positive experience.

Mr. Tinsley went the extra mile by also providing me assistance getting all my window screens replaced while others would not offer that service.

I greatly appreciate Mr. Tinsley and would highly recommend him as a contact for any type of residential work needing to be done.

You will not regret giving Mr. Tinsley and his excellent team the opportunity in replacing your roof or any other work needed. 
Lou Roberts

You may also call for additional information.


The highest of recommendations for Innovator's Best LLC

We are so pleased with our new roof. It was a great job (well done) down to the last detail.

We appreciate Todd, Robert and their team so much. Their thoughtfulness, consideration and proffessionalism. The Crew Chief we a nice young man who knows what he is doing. The went beyond their scope to fix little things that were not part of the claim just to help us.

We will certainly be recommending you and your company, Innovator's Best LLC Roofing and Restoration to everyone we know in need of your services. 

Tod even took the time to tune up my computer and show me some things that will help me in the future. I can not thank them all enough.

        To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to assure the team Todd Tinsley has, the day labors he used at my home, along with his partner Robert were very professional, hard working and dedicated.

I valued Todd for his values and knowledge displayed.

Todd not only talks the talk but walks the walk.... giving his team a great role model to learn the trade and work ethics,. I would highly recommend Innovator's Best LLC.

Joanne Dozzie

​Competitive Edge Relators 

​The most talented I have ever worked with (Todd)

I would like to say I had Innovator's Best LLC replace the roofs on three of my extended damaged houses and they did a incredible job. If these types of storms were to hit us again I would not hesitate to hire Todd and his staff again. Everything went as planned all the way down to saving money. We were able to use the best of materials as well as the best of roofing crews to repare and replace.. We highly recommend Innovator's Best to anyone we know, friends or family.. Mr snd Mrs Bobby Addington/ Mr and Mrs Henry Tucker

Letter of Recommendation for Todd Tinsley and the staff at Innovator's Best LLC

To whom it may concern:                                                                                      05/31/2016

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Todd Tinsley on a job well done!
We were very hesitant when we were hit by the hail storm April 8th, 2016.

There are many horror stories out there and one never knows who to believe or trust with
your most expensive investment. So many people are taken by shysters these days praying

on people that are in need of a service.

Todd was much different than the normal project manager/owner when he approached me.

He actually listened to what my thoughts and needs were and helped me with the end goal.

He let me be a part of the process and made sure he was doing everything possible to protect me..

I cannot thank him enough for all he has done. He has restored my faith in roofers and contractors in
Todd did a wonderful job of leading us through each step with our insurance company and
getting our new roof installed. He was very thorough when explaining what needed to be
done all the way down to the price. He made sure we understood and was 100%
comfortable before moving forward. That might be why he was the contractor of choice for
6-8 homes on our short street.
He made his self-available to us for answering our many questions as best as he could but
we felt as though we were in the loop from start to finish.

For once, our input mattered and was taken to heart.

He let us share in making each decision along the way.
Our last roofing company 6 years ago took control and we felt completely out of the loop the
entire time on our own home. Innovator's Best made us feel important to them.
Innovator's Best LLC was 110% opposite and a great experience for us.

We have been very happy with Innovator's Best and their name speaks volumes because they are the best in our opinion. 

Todd as the company owner was hands on every step of the way. When he could not be there, Robert his partner and project coordinator was.

Innovator's Best LLC will be our contractor of “choice” moving forward
when needing a roof or general repairs or remodels and we will definitely make sure Todd is
our point of contact.

We highly recommend Todd and his staff to all our friends and family.

What an awesome experience,

Thank you again Innovator's Best for taking the time to make us comfortable and delivering everything you promised us.

Tom & Kandy Bartlett
1620 Azalea LN
Plano Texas 75074

Excellent Customer Service

 Hello Todd,                                                                                                                       8/20/2016

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent job you all did in replacing our roof.
From day one we got great customer service from you and was in the loop through the entire process.

Thank you for helping us choose the right type and color of the shingles.

We are very happy with how our house looks now.

You listened to our wants and made them come true.

This is a first for us when having a roof replaced.

We are really impressed that you were able to complete the task on time and within the budget approved and we felt comfortable with. Youu went well beyond uor imagination through this process.
You have a team of very professional, hardworking and dedicated workers and a big thank you to each one of them for a "job well done" !

We give the highest of recommendations to Innovator's Best LLC and their team of experts!!

We would recommend them to all our friends and family moving forward, knowing there would be no regrets.

Today this type of service and dedication to please a client is hard to find.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank yoiu...

Mallika and Pushpinder Rai

7309 Burke Circle
Plano Texas 75025

Here are few of many clients we have worked with in the past. 

Give us a chance. We would love to feature your testimony as well. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!!
Letter of Recommendation for Todd Tinsley and Company
To whom it may concern,
We would like to write a letter of “Highest Recommendations” for Todd Tinsley and his team at Innovators Best LLC (Roofing Systems).

We like many others had our roof damage in the hails storms that sometimes plague our area. 

We called Mr. Tinsley after speaking to several of our neighbors about their contractors as we felt he was the most reliable and honest. And we were not mistaken. He took the time to come to the house with roofing samples so we could see what we were getting and allowed us to keep the sample board for a few days so that we could look at the colors and determine what we would like. 

The quality of the shingles he offered was miles better than your standard shingle and the fact that we had choice of color as well a bonus. 

He took the time to come out and meet with our insurance adjuster as well to
ensure nothing was overlooked that was needed, although prior to this he had walked the roof himself along with his crew supervisor to ensure all bases were covered so there were multiple examinations of all aspects. 

When our estimate from the insurance company arrived, he reviewed it as well and noticed
they had not included a few items that had been discussed, he personally contacted them concerning this error. 

His attention to detail was top notch.
When it came time to have the work performed the crew was efficient, they performed their duties professionally. They had the consideration of tenting and protecting our landscaping around the house and our A/C unit. All things you would expect, but Mr. Tinsley went the extra mile and came out personally to look the work over and check on all the little details. He even helped us set up a few other repairs such as gutters and some mortar repair on our brick work and he dealt with the contractors involved so that we did not have too.
Overall our experience with Mr. Tinsley and his crew was exceptional. 

The personal involvement, his crew supervisor taking the time to come out prior, the quality of the materials, were all outstanding!
Thank you,

William and Patricia Tuggle
Plano, TX

See what our clients think of their experience with Innovator's Best LLC Roofing.

Recommendation for Todd Tinsley and his work ethics.. He is second to none!!

Whom it may concern,

​We were in need of a roof on both our home and building out back (2 1/2 car garage, due to a shingle defect with class 4 Impact Resistant shingles we had replaced a couple of years back. The manufacture agreed to replace them at no charge to us but we had to find two bids.

In the past we had hired a contractor in McKinney who had taken care of any updates we wanted done and he gave a raving review of Todd Tinsley so we stepped on faith and contacted him.​

We reached out to Todd and from the outset the experience could not have been more enjoyable. He was courteous, very thorough and had the best bid to turn into the manufacture. He and his partner Robert stayed​ on the job with the crew 99% of the time making sure all the work was perfect.

​Todd communicated very professional via... phone, text and email. Every step of the way we were in the know and it happened just as Todd said it would.

​We had special circumstances involved that played a huge part of the job in fact we were selling our home and had a deadline to meet (with the roof completed) to not have to extend our closing as we had already purchased our new home out of the area.

Todd scrambled resources as quickly as the process would allow and told us he would complete the job on time. His supply house had all 72-Square of shingles and by mistake another salesman there even sold 35-Square not knowing the situation but Todd had a Director friend at the manufacture who stepped to help and we were able to replace those shingles and finished ahead of schedule.

Again, during the re-roofing Todd dropped by several to keep an eye on the progress and answer any questions that might have arisen. The roofers, company and especially Todd did an excellent job and we were well pleased with the finished product. 

We would highly recommend Todd and his staff to anyone needing his service, without hesitation. 


Thomas A. and Sherri Knight

Anyone needing a re-roof please read!!
Innovator's Best LLC                                                                                                               May 10,2016

Your company recently replaced my mof, portions of my fence and pergola that were destroyed during our spring hail storm this year.   I  had no idea who to contact  to do the  repairs.   

I had  my roof replaced due  to damage in 2008 and was very unhappy with that work.

Finding someone honest and friendly is always a challenge. I noticed several of my neighbors bad Todd's sign in their front yard so I decided to call. They sent a gentlemen over and be told me he needed to call the person who worked that area. I honestly would not hear from anyone, but  within an hour or so, Todd knocked on my door and introduced himself.

I would like to compliment Todd Tinsley and his team for an "Excellent ,lob". My daughter and I are extremely happy with the work they did. Above all, they provide excellent service given by Todd Tinsley made all the difference in the world.

I have lived in Plano since 2004 and  this is the  first company that  I really felt like my feelings and needs were a priority. Not only did Todd go over every aspect of the work needed to repair all the damage, but be treated me  with respect. 

He took  the  time to assure me that Innovator's Best s goal was 100% satisfaction. Not only did be explain all the steps in detail but he treated me like a customer not a $ sign.

That is very important to me. Innovator's Best renewed my faith in the "right" way to conduct and repair businesses by a professional company.

Again,thank you very much for a job well done.

I have recommended your company to others and will continue to do so.

Have a blessed day.
Very truly yours,
Shari L.Stanley

Gregory Jay Riedl and
Plano Texas 75074

                                        Recommendation for Mr Todd Tinsley and Team

"Excellent Customer Service and Experience"

To whom it may concern;
We wanted to share the experience Mr.Todd Tlnsley provided to us.

We are extremely grateful to Mr.Tinsley for hls great efforts to work with us while replacing our roof and repairing other damage at our home.

I want others to know how appreciative we were at the attention and concern demonstrated by Todd throughout the restoration process.

Todd has sufficient communicational skills, diligent and extremely professional throughout this entire process. He listened to the needs of his customer's and delivered on each item timely and correctly.

I would also like to compliment the crew who replaced the roof.

The team was courteous, and was absolutely respectful the entire time they were replacing the shingles. They came to work and apply the materials exactly as the manufacturer called for.

The were very careful not to disturb the plants around the home covering them to protect and afterwards had magnets and removed all the debris along with all the nails to avoid flat tires.

In the past years we have never had a team like Todd and his crew chief treat us with more respect.I restores my confidence that there are still companies who believe in customer service.

Without a doubt, we experienced the "WOW"!!!• factor. As a result, we have recommended Todd to Mr. Charles Gonzales Sr and Mr. Charles Gonzales Jr along with others around our neighborhood and circle of friends..

Thank you for the  opportunity to share our incredible experience with you.

I hope you give Todd and his staff at Innovator's Best LLC the opportunity to provide you with that same professional service.


Greg Riedi and Norma Gonzales

Plano Texas 





Letter of Recommendation for a job Well Done by Todd Tinsley

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Todd Tinsley with Innovators Best LLC.
Todd made the process of replacing our roof so easy.

Everything that Todd said would be replaced got replaced in a prompt manner with no hassles.
Todd and everyone at Innovator's Best LLC roofing is very professional and
they have wonderful customer service.
I would not hesitate to recommend Todd and his staff at Innovator's Best LLC as a quality
roofing contractor that follows through with everything he promised us.

They restored our faith in contractors working on and in our home..

Charles & Sydna Chancellor
1608 Azalea Ln
Plano Texas 75074

Date: June 7, 2016